The award-winning, fully revised, updated edition 

Thirty feet in the air, rebuilt and planted on one-and-a-half miles of abandoned, elevated railroad track snaking through Manhattan’s West Side, the High Line has turned the dream of escape offered by most urban parks inside out.

"Great…I thought there was not much I did not know about the High Line, but I learned so much about the history and the neighborhood. People are going to love it." 

— Robert Hammond, co-founder, Friends of the High Line

The High Line invites you deeper into the city than you've ever been before. Its stunning gardens wend between warehouses and apartment buildings, through one of the world’s most vibrant contemporary art districts, transforming the neighborhood and reawakening the senses of the millions of visitors it attracts every year.

With hundreds of photos spanning the years before, during and after the site’s construction, the book lends context to the reclaimed urban space that has become one of the city’s most popular attractions." 

        —Wall Street Journal

ON THE HIGH LINE is an engaging, friend-at-your-side guide to everything that a visitor sees when strolling through the park: the innovative gardens and their thousands of plants from around the world; the architecture, both old and new; and a neighborhood whose lively history includes the birth of the railroads, the Manhattan Project, S & M clubs, and the legendary Tenth Avenue Cowboy.

This book captures the experience of the High Line, setting it in historical cultural context and illustrating how a city can meld its industrial heritage into a vibrant new landscape that can be enjoyed by millions.  

      —Piet Oudolf, landscape designer, the High Line

Illustrated with more than 400 color photos by principle photographers Scott Mlyn and Juan Valentin, and including text and photography contributions by noted horticulturist and writer Rick Darke, ON THE HIGH LINE also includes a ten page foldout map that identifies key landmarks in and around the park. In words and images the book captures the countless details that make a walk here such an unforgettable experience, and makes the perfect gift for anyone who already loves the park or is planning a visit.

The High Line is a unique elevated celebration of nature and the city and this book shows all aspects of this brilliant project captured in spectacular photographs."

      —Lynden B. Miller, public garden designer, The Conservatory Garden (NYC) and author of Parks, Plants and People

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Rails to trails! Dead tech repurposed — beautiful, and insanely popular. FDR Drive, you’re next!

        —David Byrne, musician, artist