Annik La Farge (AUTHOR) on the High Line near 24th Street in December 2011, by Rick Darke

Rick Darke (AUTHOR) across the street from the High Line at 30th Street & Tenth Avenue, by Melinda Zoehrer  

Lorraine Ferguson (TEAM) outside the New York Public Library in November 2011, looking at color proofs of ON THE HIGH LINE, by Scott Mlyn

Juan Valentin (TEAM) on the roof deck of the Standard Hotel in July 2011, by Annik La Farge

Matt Baron (TEAM) on the High Line in the Tenth Avenue Square in November 2011, by Annik La Farge

Marty Schnure (TEAM) on the High Line on the Flyover near 25th Street, by Ross S. Donihue

Banner Image by Scott Mlyn

Tom Dyja, Lorraine Ferguson, Annik La Farge (FERLA FARDY) on the High Line near 22nd Street in February 2012, by Manfrotto Trépied 

App Home Screen (HOME, THE APP) by Scott Mlyn

Team Group Shot (TEAM) at the launch party at the Dia Art Foundation, by Joseph Weiman