Better Homes and Gardens 

Reviewed by Adam Levine in "Gardener's Bookshelf"


"Heralded since its opening in 2009 as one of the most innovative urban parks in the world, the High Line is a must-see for visitors to New York City -- not just lovers of horticulture, architecture, or landscape architecture, but anyone who wants a birds-eye view of the busy fabric of Manhattan street life. Annik LaFarge has written the first guidebook to this remarkable urban space, built 30 feet in the air along 1.45 miles of an elevated railraod line that served city businesses for almost 50 years before it was abandoned in 1980. LaFarge's text, along with a selection of vintage and current photographs, explains both the history of the High Line and its present uses, guiding readers through its 20-some blocks, section by section and feature by feature. The High Line [as Rick Darke notes in a Preface] is "romantically postindustrial and progressive in its embrace of emerging ecologies. It strikes a brilliant balance between the gritty and the pretty."

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